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This Week in Ecommerce - April 11th 2016

by Mike DeFabis on 2016-04-11 09:55:41

This weekly blog covers highlights from the ecommerce industry in the previous week.  We will search news articles, press releases, and blogs, as well as other media outlets to obtain what we feel is the most important information in ecommerce from the previous week; making this a one stop shop to get all of your ecommerce information to keep you in the know. 


Why Amazon is not the Best Sales Channel for all Online Retailers


My Take:  Amazon is obviously a monster and many retailers feel they must use it in order to be competitive.  For some this is probably true, but for the vast majority of retailers building your own brand and identity is key to long term success.  Amazon only allows you to compete on price, and if you are competing on price you will lose on price.  Using Amazon to test new products or liquidate old inventory can be great, but focus on building a brand and a reputation that is your own and try not to compete on price alone.

Retailers Capture the Power of the Checkout Moment


My Take:  Customer reviews are a difficult thing to capture.  Most of the time, you are waiting for the customer to get the product, use it and then come back to your website to give feedback on that product.  Being able to get a customer review at the time the checkout saves many of these steps.  This article hits on a few ways to do that, but what I found interesting was that oftentimes it is not the quality of the reviews, but rather the amount of reviews on a product. This shows that a product is popular and people are buying it. 

Amazon.com Inc. Has Big Plans for Prime Now


My Take:  Amazon’s new service, Prime Now has slowly grown, but will probably catch some major momentum here in 2016.  They have expanded it into many new markets and according to this article plan to integrate it with the “core e-commerce platform”.  For small, medium and even large ecommerce companies there is absolutely no way to compete with a 2 hour delivery of product.  Amazon has pushed the envelope so far on this delivery that trying to compete is nearly impossible. 

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