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13 Mobile Ad Networks, to Reach Potential Buyers

Posted on Jul 10, 2015

By:  SIG UELAND: Practical Ecommerce

Mobile advertising networks help brands reach consumers. If you’re trying to engage and monetize customers on mobile, you may need a mobile ad network.

Here is a list of mobile ad networks to help app developers and publishers earn additional revenue and to help advertisers and brands run campaigns for mobile users. The networks feature real-time bidding exchanges, tools to create rich-media ads for targeted audiences, and tools to increase revenue without sacrificing user experience.



AdMob is Google’s ad platform used by over 650,000 apps. AdMob integrates banner, interstitial, or video ads. Maintain full control over the types of ads you show using category and ad-specific filters. Decide when and where ads are displayed in your app. AdMob’s mediation feature allows you to run other mobile ad networks to simplify your ad operations, improve competition, and earn more.



MoPub is a mobile ad platform that combines ad serving, ad network mediation, and an ad marketplace. The MoPub marketplace is a real-time bidding exchange, connecting publishers with advertisers in a competitive auction. The ad serving platform lets you prioritize with orders and line items, with cost-per-impression, cost-per-click, and cost-per-action budgeting. MoPub supports banners, interstitial, and native ad formats.

Millennial Media

Millennial Media.

Millennial Media is a leading independent mobile marketplace for brands, app developers, and mobile web publishers. Its monetization suite provides instant access to buyers, multiple ad formats, mediation, and a monitor of revenue streams. Advertisers can access both performance marketing and self-service advertising solutions, including in-house creative.



TripleLift is a RTB exchange for native ads, enabling buyers and sellers to leverage audience data, bidding algorithms, and real-time insights. Brands and advertisers can turn content into in-feed native ads at scale, with visually-focused ads that match the look and feel of each website. Publishers can place in-feed ads anywhere, creating new monetization sources without sacrificing user experience.



Avocarrot provides a platform for programmatic native mobile ads. Avocarrot’s native ad formats include list, feed (for social apps), natural pause (for game apps), and create your own. Adjust the look of the ads to match the existing UX of your app.



iAd is Apple’s advertising platform to target mobile devices. Choose the price, audience, and ad formats (banner, video, and audio) that work best for you. Create your ads with pre-designed templates built into the iAd Workbench, a do-it-yourself campaign creation and management tool. Use iAd Producer to make rich-media ads.



Kiip is a mobile platform to help brands reward everyday moments in apps and games. Brands use Kiip to engage their audience, rewarding people with free samples, special offers, virtual currency or other items. Developers use Kiip to monetize with in-app events called “moments.”



Byyd is a demand-side platform for mobile advertising, allowing advertisers to connect with programmatically targeted mobile audiences. Byyd offers SaaS and managed services. Use self-service tools to connect with targeted audiences across RTB exchanges. The managed model offers a team of mobile native experts to handle your campaigns’ successful delivery. From planning to execution and through reporting and analytics, launch rich media and video ad campaigns across a wide range of inventory sources.



Smaato operates a mobile RTB ad exchange and sell-side platform across roughly 80,000 mobile app developers and mobile publishers. The publisher platform offers publishers full pricing controls and built-in optimization automation. On the demand-side, Smaato connects more than 150 ad networks and 240 DSPs. Bid on highly targeted ad placement, and adjust budgets and media based on targeting criteria.

Yahoo Mobile Developer Network

Yahoo Mobile Developer Network.

The Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite contains a variety of tools to monetize and advertise with mobile apps. Monetize your app with native and video ads from Yahoo, Flurry, and BrightRoll advertisers. Acquire new users, grow engagement, and track results with targeted native and video advertising across Yahoo, Tumblr, and thousands of mobile apps. Track installs and app activity with Flurry Analytics or integrated partners like Kochava and Hasoffers.



MobPartner is a ROI-focused solution for mobile ads. Pay only for results based on actions that you define. MobPartner attributes every in-app event, such as purchases and sign-ups, back to the media source, to understand which media sources deliver the best users and ROI. Publishers monetize with over 500 advertisers and 1,500 campaigns.



Tapjoy is a marketing automation platform to monetize mobile freemium apps. Tapjoy shows developers precisely how to improve an app, predicting revenue amounts with each marketing automation it suggests. Tapjoy helps advertisers engage and reward users with rich media and targeting solutions. Create interactive experiences for your audience with an ad that matches your objectives.



MobFox is a mobile advertising platform that offers publishers a single gateway for real-time bidding and advertisers optimized campaigns across a network of 25,000 mobile publishers, as well as third-party exchanges. Run banner ads, full screen interstitials, video ads, and native ads within a single campaign.

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