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IDS Receives Superior Rating From AIB

by Jon Eickman on 2019-08-29 09:16:43

AIB IDS ALLPOINTS BADGE WHITE BGIDS is pleased to announce our recent Certified Superior Rating from AIB. AIB International is a pioneer and leader in food safety auditing and education. AIB has been inspecting businesses for 60 years and conducts audits in over 10,000 facilities in 120 countries each year.



Facilities are graded on 5 core standards. 
  • Operational Methods and Personnel Practices
  • Maintenance for Food Safety
  • Cleaning Practices
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Adequacy of Prerequisite Programs and Food Safety Programs

AIB Inspection is a comprehensive inspection with an audit component included. It allows for a very accurate and fair assessment of your facility and also allows for training, education and dialogue throughout the process. It is indeed a “robust deep dive at a point in time” and as such is a uniquely different and valuable management tool compared with other third party audits.

Each of 5 categories is scored out of 200 points for a total score of 1000. 700 is a passing score, however, only the top facilities inspected receive a Superior Rating. IDS achieved an incredible score of 980/1000 improving on their superior score last in 2018. IDS attributes the achievement to investing in their processes and people. This organizational commitment to continual improvement has resulted in better processes and better training that helped achieve this AIB score. 

IDS is confident that these improvements will be reflected in its up coming AIB audit of its newest fulfillment center in Plainfield Indiana on Exploration Drive this October. In addition to the AIB inspection, IDS participates in other 3rd party audits as well as an organic certification to certify that they are always operating to the highest standards. 

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