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Building a Stronger Team at IDS

by Mike DeFabis on 2020-03-12 14:47:31


It’s no secret that good employees are the key to success. As a new decade rolls in, IDS is making a focused effort to help our employees grow and develop better as a team.  IDS has partnered with Laura Hayes at MAVPAK.  Laura is a certified strength finders coach from Gallup and has been coaching teams in the logistics industry for many years.  StrengthFinders is the framework to better understanding yourself and how you can best serve your team to accomplish the overall company goals. 

The IDS Indianapolis operations team is the first to take the Strength Finders exam and participate in the once a month 2-hour class that will last for 6 months.  Understanding your strengths is the first step in Laura’s approach.  Mark Cullom, one of our operations managers commented after having a strengths discussion with his teammate, “I have worked with Cliff for 10 years and I had no idea how important getting his team to achieve harmony was to him.” Most of us have been conditioned to fix our weaknesses rather than focus on our strengths.  But we end up feeling dissatisfied with our work and easily burnt out.  When we decide to focus on our strengths we become more productive and more engaged with our work.

Laura says “the real magic comes in between class when everyone pairs up to have intentional conversations about how each person’s strengthen manifests itself and they begin to  align with their day to day work. What happens is that people understand more of how each other operates and then they can better communicate which improves the strength of the team and their effectiveness.” Employees understanding the strengths of their co-works and how best to leverage those strengths has already shown amazing growth. “We have already seen tremendous benefits from the training Laura has provided.  Employees are more engaged with each other and focused on enhancing everyone’s strengths” said IDS Director of Fulfillment Operations, Tim Goffinet.

IDS is excited to continue growing through the Strengthfinders program and enhancing our team to better serve our customers and our employees.  “IDS and it’s team members are committed to the process and engaged during the classes.  It has been a pleasure to work with them and seeing them develop and grow so quickly and already become a more unified team.” Laura said.

For more information on Laura Hayes and how MAVPAK can help you and your team get stronger, check out their website, www.MAVPAK.com.

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