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COVID-19 IDS Update

by Mike Jones on 2020-05-07 17:32:05


May 6, 2020

IDS Coronavirus/Covid 19 update

To IDS customers, staff and vendors;

Before our notes on our Covid-19 Disaster Avoidance and Recovery efforts, some general notes:

Another surge in orders and other activity in late April and the first week of May has us running at about 80% of holiday peak level in Indy and what looks like nearly 100% holiday peak level in Salt Lake City while we strive to meet social distancing and uphold other mitigation policies in the workplace.  We have increased staffing some but this is constrained somewhat as we need to continue to restructure break areas and shift times to minimize opportunities for congestion and to maintain temperature monitoring at entries.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we are again challenged to meet order shipping SLAs and encourage our clients to plan more time for dock to stock, kitting, and other activities not directly related to shipping orders.

We will begin 2020 holiday planning early this year using the extra time to re-engineer some pick lines and pack areas to both increase distance between staff and increase capacity for some fast growing programs.  While we understand that forecasting is more difficult than normal any thoughts our clients can share regarding their sales expectations for this period would be helpful.

On to our updates:

  1. Regarding staff health and status:
    1. We have had 6 direct employees test positive for Covid-19 so far.  All have had relatively mild or no symptoms and all but one has returned to work with the one expected back this week.  We have had nearly the same number of people test negative.
    2. We have or had 4 contract staff out for quarantine but no reports of positive tests yet.
    3. All of the positive tests and most quarantines have been in Indianapolis.
    4. Thanks to everyone that stepped up to cover for the additional absences and to cover for scheduled vacations.  (Note:  we generally don’t take PTO time during the November-December holidays so the spring and summer have relatively heavy vacation/self-care time for our staff).  So far these absences have not impacted performance to customers.
  2. We still have ample gloves and masks for all staff members.  We are starting to place orders for masks for the fall/winter.  While we have seen our costs increase for supplies and janitorial staff IDS has not passed these costs on to clients.
  3. We continue to update our Disaster Avoidance and Recovery Policy related to Covid/Pandemics.  It seems every week brings up questions or real life situations not covered directly by CDC guidelines.
  4. We are starting to review who, how, and when some additional staff will return to working from home to the office.
  5. Indiana is starting the process of winding down stay at home orders.  Indianapolis is still holding to the original orders but this will likely change in two weeks.  Utah did not have a blanket state order but SLC does.
  6. Our CEO continues his engagement with the State of Indiana through our Conexus industry group and its link/advisory role to the Governor’s Office regarding supply chain protection.  Conexus and our industry was highly engaged with that office as the new policies were drafted.
  7. Indiana continues to expand testing although results are still taking 2-3 days.
  8. More information is included in previous updates.  These are now available on our website. (https://blog.idsfulfillment.com/topic/covid-19-updates).

While we are all being inconvenienced from this pandemic, we hope your families and businesses are not impacted directly in a significant manner.

Thanks again to all that have shared kind words or deeds with our staff to help keep up morale.  And thanks to those companies sponsoring fundraisers, donating directly, staging events (pancake breakfast for front line workers in SLC from the maker of some amazing high protein pancake mixes that ship DTC from our SLC facility) and otherwise supporting our communities during our trial.


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