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COVID-19 IDS Update

by Mike Jones on 2020-04-06 14:45:00


April 6, 2020

IDS Coronavirus/Covid 19 update

To IDS customers and vendors;

Before our notes on our Covid-19 Disaster Avoidance and Recovery efforts, some general notes:

  1. Regarding our business – order volumes have been inconsistent but generally stronger than forecast. We are seeing some wide swings and more variance in volume than normal, but for the most part our customer base is seeing good to strong demand, at least in the direct to consumer channel.  We have had to ask for some forbearance on timely shipping metrics a few times, but overall we are meeting metrics most days for most customers.  If this volume keeps up, i.e. there is more to it than pantry stuffing, we will hire additional staff.
  2. Special thanks to those customers that have helped support our staff with meals or supplies or just the “thank you” emails. It means a lot to them.  A lot of folks are wearing masks today thanks to a customer who knew we were having trouble sourcing those.
  3. Again, our thanks to all those working the front line in hospitals and labs and to those working hard from home trying to keep the economy going.

On to our updates:

  1. Enhanced sanitation practices are ongoing and now all formalized in procedures and schedules.
  2. We have finalized our procedures for addressing the inevitable findings of a staff member with a positive Covid-19 test result and for instances of suspected infection.  This policy is designed to protect staff first while minimizing reduction in production/output that could result.  Currently we have not been informed of any positive diagnosis.
  3. We are taking the temperature of all staff prior to them entering the work area and will send home anyone showing up with a fever.
  4. We have gloves for all staff members and as of today have masks for them as well. 
  5. We have reconfigured breakrooms at our most densely staffed site and created new break areas to enable proper social distancing.  We believe all the facilities have occupation densities below what the CDC recommends and we are reviewing how much more staff we could accommodate in each facility to handle higher volume levels without exceeding guidance for overall density and proper distancing in the facility.
  6. We have adjusted start times and break times to accommodate social distancing requirements and the longer entry time needed for the temperature scans.
  7. We have updated short term sanitation practices in the driver check in areas to minimize traffic, increase the sanitizing schedule cadence, and minimize/eliminate shared resources (i.e. pens). 
  8. We continue to limit our travel (none this week), require essential visitors (i.e. pest control) to validate their risk status, and are seeing zero customer/pending customer visits.
  9. All Accounting and HR staff are working from home as are most IT staff. Our Customer Service team is about 50% work from home.
    1. Where possible, staff living with individuals at high risk for complications (i.e. elderly, immune compromised) are being assigned to work from home.
  10. Our CEO continues his engagement with the State of Indiana through our Conexus industry group and its link/advisory role to the Governor’s Office regarding supply chain protection.  This office has actively reached out for industry input.  Mark is also directly engaged with some of Indiana’s Congressional and Senate delegation on issues surrounding the logistics industry’s response to the pandemic and needs from the Federal Government, as well as being actively involved in the IWLA’s efforts in DC.  Many thanks to Governor Holcomb for this comments and thanks to the logistics industry during his press conference last Monday!
  11. Indiana and Salt Lake City continue to be under Stay at Home/Essential travel only orders.
  12. We have updated our Paid Time Off policy to reflect the Covid-19 related issues.  Additional PTO time is available for all staff with potentially Covid related illness or quarantine.
  13. IDS will cover all Covid-19 related testing costs for staff in our health insurance program. 

While we are all being inconvenienced from this pandemic, we hope your families and businesses are not impacted directly in a significant manner.


Mark DeFabis

Michael Jones


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