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Announcing IDS' New and Improved WMS

by Jon Eickman on 2019-05-02 14:40:36

IDS is committed to constantly innovating our technology and processes in ways that will continue to enhance the services we provide to our many clients. In the spirit of that commitment, over the past year IDS has spent much time and effort evaluating the warehouse management systems (WMS) that will provide the most benefits to IDS and our clients.  After an exhaustive analysis, IDS has selected IRMS 360 by Aptean as our new WMS. 

Over the next several months IDS will be transitioning new customers to this state of the art WMS.    IDS has spent months to prep integration and set up to ensure this smooth transition.Some of the key benefits to our clients are:

  • increased visibility

  • a more user friendly customer dashboard

  • in depth customizable real time reporting  

Transparency- The IDS WMS will provide an unprecedented level of visibility into operations. At any given time, IDS clients will be able to see an instant snap shot of all of their inventory and orders, including order status. This will allow both IDS and our clients to react quickly and easily when issues arise. Orders that are delayed will be quickly flagged and the information can be called up for resolution in seconds. 

Tracking and Accountability- Each activity IDS staff completes is tracked and logged within the WMS. Those activities are associated with the individual items and can be quickly referenced. This will allow retailers to see exactly what is happening behind the scenes at IDS without time consuming emails and phone calls. For IDS, this visibility will allow us to respond to delays or operational complications in real time. 

User Experience- The greatest improvement for IDS clients will be the significant upgrade to the user interface. Every detail associated with an item or an order will be available in the same screen, saving time and frustration searching for details. This includes inventory stock, bin locations, associated custom IDs (UPCs, xref codes, vender codes), and all orders associated with that item just to name a few. The ease of access and depth of the information will allow proactive retailers to better plan, forecast, and improve operations with less resources. 

KPI Reporting- This upgrade will allow IDS to provide more proactive reporting on KPI’s to each of our clients.  Those KPI’s will include on time shipping, inventory accuracy, order accuracy and receiving timeliness. 

IDS will begin to roll out the live version of our new WMS over the coming weeks. Your customer service representative should be reaching out to you soon with more information and links to our demo videos so you can familiarize yourself with the new software. IDS is committed to making certain this transition is a smooth and seamless as possible. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to the IDS team. 

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