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IDS Leadership to Participate in Legislative Fly-In Event

by Jon Eickman on 2019-05-02 14:36:16

iStock-621905776IDS CEO Mark DeFabis and VP of Sales and Marketing, Mike DeFabis, will be joining the IWLA Government Affairs Council on Capitol Hill May 8th for the IWLA Legislative Fly-In. The event is to give members of the IWLA a chance to make their voices heard in our nation’s capital on behalf of the whole logistics industry.

IDS CEO Mark DeFabis has been a leader of the IWLA Government Affairs efforts for many years. This year’s fly-in will feature discussions on:

Department of Labor – IWLA members will hear presentations regarding the DOL’s upcoming regulations on overtime and benefits.

Infrastructure and Pinch Points – Key members of the supply chain will make presentation on key pinch points in the US logistics infrastructure that cause delays and increase cost.  The hope is that key pinch points get addressed in the Highway Reauthorization Bill. The U.S. supply chain is dependent on an efficient and fairly funded transportation system that includes air, rail, highway and maritime modes. IWLA supports new policies and integrated planning needed to create a safer and more efficient freight transportation system. IWLA members also strongly advocate for individual states to consult with 3PL warehouses when developing state transportation plans.

The Highway Trust Fund – There will be presentation and discussion regarding the anticipated funding bill to be introduced by House Transportation Committee Chairman Pete DeFazio (D-OR).  IWLA supports increased funding for infrastructure and supports removal of diversions of fuel tax revenues for non-infrastructure projects.

Truck Driver Shortage – IWLA members will hear presentations and discussion on the DRIVE SAFT Act, which will help address the truck driver shortage by expanding the opportunity for individuals 18-21 years old with a commercial drives license to engage in interstate commerce.  IWLA is working with key Congressional leaders to help pass this legislation.

Workforce Development – Presentations will focus on efforts to increase workforce participation including job training efforts as well as a discussion of the role immigration reform plays in expanding the workforce.

One of IWLA’s goals is to make sure legislators and government regulators are fully informed about how 3PL warehouses function in the supply chain. This ensures that laws and regulations promote the highest standards of safe and secure handling for these products.

IDS is proud to be a part of representing the interests of the entire logistics industry to lawmakers in DC. We’re eager to see what exciting news Mark and Mike will bring back from DC and the meetings that will be having with Indiana’s Congressman and Senators and well as key leaders of the Congressional committees with jurisdiction over these issues. We will bring you updates after the event so you can stay in the loop on the latest work of the Government Affairs Council. Learn more about IWLA and the Council here.

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