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How Can a Box Build My Brand In Ecommerce Fulfillment?

by Alicia Dale on 2014-12-16 11:51:00

As an ecommerce retailer, you know by now that the way your product arrives to your customer can make or break future sales. In fact, when it arrives, if your package actually exceeds your customer’s expectations, they may be willing to share your product and packaging on social media, selling your product to the masses.

According to an article by Internet Retailer (shared by Mike DeFabis, Business Development Manager at IDS, in his blog ‘4 Ways to Impress Your Ecommerce Customer with Packaging’), in a recent online survey by Dotcom, 83% of the people surveyed said they would post on Facebook an image of an “attractively packaged” order received from an online retailer. 40% would share a photo on social media of an online order received in a “unique, branded or gift-like box.”

Here are some other pretty interesting findings from the study:

● 51% of online consumers said they expect to receive online orders in premium packaging from a retailer that typically provides such packaging in its stores;

● 71% say they expect higher-quality packaging when ordering expensive products online;

● 52% say they are likely to make repeat purchases from an online retailer that delivers orders in premium packaging;

● 53% say premium packaging is particularly important for online orders of jewelry;

● 60% say it’s important for retailers to deliver products in “sustainable” packaging, such as packages made with recycled material.


There are several online retailers that do an exceptional job candy_club_2of this. One that comes to mind is CandyClub, a monthly premium candy subscription, does a fantastic job of knowing their customer, their product price point and their brand, and continuing the experience all the way to the customer’s doorstep. Their box is simple, they use only two colors of ink keeping their costs down, and when the customer opens up the box, the presentation is perfect. Their products are displayed well, surrounded with loose candy (who needs bubble wrap or packing peanuts?) to fill in the extra space, and they include colorful and simple marketing materials, including a thank you note. 

trunk_club_1In a recent blog post by Shopify, ‘The Beginners Guide to Ecommerce Shipping and Fulfillment’, they use Trunk Club (also a monthly subscription service, sending custom curated selections of men’s clothes and accessories) as an example of premium packaging for a premium product, including a video posted by a Trunk Club customer, raving about their packaging and their whole Trunk Club brand experience.

Your packaging options are endless. You could use corrugated boxes (as in these two examples), padded envelopes, or coffee bags (as explained in Shopify’s post for Finch Goods Co. products). The key is to choose the right packaging for your product, so that it carries your brand through to the end.

Once you have determined the type of box you want to use, how you want your product to be displayed inside the box, and have the right marketing materials in place, you should consider looking for a fulfillment provider. Fulfilling these types of customized packaged orders by yourself is no easy task. And, you as the ecommerce retailer, need to continue doing what you do best - selling your product.

That being said, it’s important to choose an ecommerce fulfillment provider that wants to become an extension of your brand. It can be difficult to find one that will work with you on continuing your brand experience. Be sure that the provider you select has the capability to customize your order fulfillment to your high quality, highly customized packaging standards. Here’s a good resource to get started on your search.

Mike DeFabis said it best, “Creating a unique presentation for your customer when their product arrives is an excellent way to build your brand and sell more products. If someone takes the time to post a picture of your product as it arrives to Facebook or other social media outlets then you know you are doing something right.”

** Update: I just wanted to share a recent 'brand sharing' from a friend on Facebook. BarkBox does an exceptional job of providing the customer a 'gift-like' box that their recipients actually want to share!  Do you have any other social media brand sharing examples? Leave them in our comments below. Thanks!


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