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Ecommerce Resolutions you Should Make in 2018

by Maggie Jones on 2017-12-19 08:33:01

new year post.jpgWith the New Year approaching, it’s time to start thinking about those resolutions. Let’s ditch the bucket-list inspired ideas and consider what will shape us as eCommerce professionals. We’re going to look into some eCommerce New Year’s resolutions that you should stick to if you want to rise above the rest in 2018.

High-Quality Content: Content marketing has been consistently on the rise and will continue to stay that way. With most companies utilizing it, it’s time to push your brand, increase your leads and boost your sales. Consider implementing a strategy to keep your customers in the forefront of your mind. Learn what they share and like and create tailored content. You need to be authoritative and educational in order to stand apart as a thought-leader.

Respond within 24-hours: Great customer service is always the key to success in the eCommerce industry, and that includes staying responsive to your customers. Reach out quickly. Consider automating an email to let them know you are looking into their inquiries. It should also take no longer than 24-hours to resolve said issue. If it will take longer, make sure to keep them posted. Another important factor you should look into is LiveChat. With this you can offer customers help and provide exceptional customer service immediately.

Keep up with SEO: With new updates, hot trends and fresh strategies, it is important to stay on top of your SEO. It’s very important to produce high-quality content without too much keyword stuffing. It is still important, however to do your research and optimize your store with the right meta-tags, indexing and keywords. Instead of trying to overdo it with links around your site, focus on earning links – it’s about the production of high-quality content that people would want to link back to.

Make Costs Clear: It is common for online shoppers to leave without paying. 56% of people abandon their carts if they are presented with unexpected costs. This tends to be shipping costs, or unmentioned tax on the product that shows up at the last minute. There is nothing more annoying to a customer than hidden costs. So, be clear right from the start. Show them what taxes may be implemented before they reach to end. It may also help to sell your products at a slightly higher rate and then offer free shipping(because those are the magic words).

Email Campaigns: Drip campaigns can be a great method to bring customers through your sales with ease. The main idea is to automate a series of emails to “drip” information to the customer, depending on where they are in the shopping experience. For example, if a customer leave products in their cart, send them an email to encourage them to go back and buy. Some of the most successful campaigns are educational, promotional, training, and reengagement.

Keep Testing Everything: Test, measure and learn. By analyzing everything on your website, you’ll be able to build the perfect relationship with your customers. Platforms such as Google analytics will allow you to be able to do keyword research, plan ad campaigns, and monitor your web traffic. Kissmetrics is a great analytic tool to track the entire user journey, from the first visit to a placed order. You should also test various features on your site including design, so you can determine what your customers like and do not like.

As with every year, 2018 is going to change things in the eCommerce industry. Consider these resolutions to keep up with the changing demands of the New Year. Ensure that you go into 2018 with a fresh mind and new attitude to take off running. 

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