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Why Lowering Transit Times Helps Positively Build your Brand

by Mike DeFabis on 2014-12-08 12:51:46

Several years ago it was safe to say that consumers viewed faster delivery times as more of a perk or added cost, should they need it.  Now, with companies like Amazon ecommerce fulfillment changing the way consumers think about delivery times, it’s more important than ever! Consumers are expecting products to arrive faster with no additional costs.  While shipping cost is still more important to consumers than transit times, one way to separate your ecommerce business from your competition is to lower your transit times.  Lowering your transit times can go a long way in building your brand and reputation with consumers. free_shipping text with box

  1. Customer Satisfaction

While it goes without saying, having satisfied customers is extremely important to a business.  Your brand is made or destroyed by how happy your customers are.  Faster delivery times leads to happier customers which means they are going to be more loyal and more likely to give you some social media props.

  1. Cheaper Costs

A faster delivery time at a cheaper cost probably sounds counter-intuitive.  You are obviously going to pay more for second day and next day packages, but if you can place your fulfillment center or centers closer to your customers, you can begin to drive the cost down by lowering your average shipping zone.   If your customer base is primarily West Coast and your facility is in New York, look at putting a second facility out West or move your primary facility further West to lower those transit times.  By lowering your shipping costs you can pass some of the savings on to your customers or even start offering free shipping.  The ability to offer free shipping or lower shipping costs can really help build your brand.  Free or discounted shipping is the single most important thing to ecommerce shoppers 

  1. Rise Above the Competition

If you decrease your delivery time and feel confident in the transit days, begin to promote your delivery times.  Set yourself above your competition by showing that free or inexpensive shipping does not mean that you have to wait longer for their product.  Grow your brand as being able to offer faster delivery times than your competition. 

Shipping practices can really help to make or break your brand.  By offering faster delivery times, your ecommerce customers will be more likely to become repeat shoppers.  The faster the customer gets the product, the faster they will use it and will be back to buy more. 

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